Letra de Loves Me
(feat. Melanie Hines)

[Verse 1: Chill Daddy]
you know every single girl in the mothafucking world
they luv me, cause im rich and hot
they ain't got no cash, but I got
a million in da bank that's alot

(and mayne) don't try to be sumthin you not
I fuck my bitches in my million dolla yacht
when you getting ya girl some cheap as flowers
you ain't getting laid in the next 24 hours

I got bitches all around world where ever I go
and me and my bitches are getting high so
if ya don't wanna die slow, don't steal my hoe
fucking trick!

everybody loves chill the don daddy
trina, susan, mel and patty

girls wants chill like pockets on their jeans
if ya don't belive me ask melanie

[Verse 2: Chill Daddy]
(ey yo) chill the don daddy, back in the alley
doin in doggystyle when im cruisin in cali
i got my baseball cap crooked on my head
together wit my (sun)glasses I look real bad

im fly as a bape and the girls lookin fine
ya better watch ya back bitch cause ya bout to get mine
take off ya bra and let me cum on ya tits
don't worry I pay you good cause im rich

(Thanks to Joaquim for these lyrics)