Scream For Silence Letra

Children Of Bodom

Halo Of Blood

Letra de Scream For Silence
It's a long way to the top of rockbottom.
Bottoms up, let's drown my sorrow

If you need to feed on pain,
you might as well tap my veins.

And tomorrow screams for silence.
The chaos whisoers violence,
it screams out
the truth never speaks in love.

Never wanted to be
the reason why i'm ending up alone.
I cry ot at my reflection
just to hear that no one's home.

What happens if you're still alive?
Will you suffer enough to cry?
If tears infest our holy ground,
That worls spin around.

I'm content. I'm high.

You wouldn't dare
to touch, to feel...
It's not like you would care

I'm safe, I'll fly... and I will try.

You forewent, goodbye
you say as I die.