Dead Man's Hand On You Letra

Children Of Bodom

Halo Of Blood

Letra de Dead Man's Hand On You
Walked a long long way down there.
Just to see, feel you glare.

I wanna sleep, just drift away.
Mother Kali, just tuck me in,
take me in, take me out.

Heaven, Earth and the Underworld,
give me the white, the red and black.

It's all i ask, that's what I need.
Please come to me, I need to feed.

If you let me love and be... true blue.
I'll be more than just
a dead man's hand on you.
Tell me lies, won't be denied
Mother Kali, will you be my bride?

I'd paint your roses black
and show you heaven.
Just to feel your skin for one more second.

It's all I want, that's what I do.
Love me one more time
and I'll let you kill me too.