Letra de Tunnel Trail
Verse One

It all started on that trip to hell,
You came back with a story to tell,
I secretly cry and hide all my aggression,
This will be my very last confession.

Verse Two

You destroyed all of my feelings,
You crushed my life's meaning,
You always played with my mind,
I know I'm just wasting my time. (Chorus)


I just wish you felt the same way as me,
I can't explain what you mean to me,
Right now is the time to decide,
I feel like I'm dying inside.

Verse Three

Look at what I have become,
All of my sheets are full of cum,
Mine as well, nothing else to do,
Out with the old and in with the new. (Chorus)

Verse Four

I'm sick of you and all of your lies,
I'm sick of thinking that you'll be mine,
It'll never happen, ever again,
Do you realize how much time I spent... (To bridge)

Talking, and listening to everything that you had to say.
Only to have it all come crashing down the very next day.
You have to see that I did my best and more for you.
But now, I can see right through, you. (Chorus x2)