Letra de Please Dump Me
He told me to tell you...

Verse One

He didn't have the time to think of excuses anymore,
He didn't want to go at all, he never did you whore,
He'd rather have sex with Matthew's mother,
Because when he hears your voice he shudders. (Chorus)


He had no fucking guns for your rack,
You never even touched his god damn sack,
When money is scarce and life is expensive,
He sure as hell is no Mr. Sensitive, he told me to tell you, “please dump me”.

Verse Two

He stole your car and he threatened you all the time,
You acted like breaking up with you is a crime,
He can't stand to hear your voice at all anymore,
He's fucking closing the door, because being with you is a chore. (Chorus)

Verse Three

You hate all his music and all the movies he rents,
He got all the gifts and the shit that you sent,
Leave him alone, it's over for good,
You tell him he shouldn't and he knows that he should. (Chorus)

Verse Four

How many times does he need to say no?
Before you understand and walk home alone,
Suicide would make his life a lot shorter,
I think he needs a fucking restraining order. (Chorus)