Letra de Life On The Rocks

You always had so many excuses,
You made my life seem so fucking useless,
I was lead on and my feelings we true,
Why did I ever take advice from you? (After Verse Two, Bridge)

Verse One

I remember the days after gym class,
You talked to me as we laid in the grass,
I cared so much and all of it was lies,
This little boy has no tears in his eyes. (Chorus)

Verse Two

You were my sun and you were my starlight,
If we wouldn't have had that last fucking fight,
You and I both know that you'd still be mine,
Because I think about it all of the time. (Chorus)


We haven't talked since that phone conversation,
I was forced to resort to masturbation,
No amount of tissues will take care of my issues.
I need you in my life, tonight... (Chorus)