Letra de How We Roll
[Chiko Dateh:]
Got Dubb...
Got Fingazz...
Got Hypes...
Hey yo, Khool-Aid
Let's show 'em that this is how we roll
This is how we roll, baby

[Verse 1:]
It's Friday afternoon
I'm gon' be off work soon
Then we can get the weekend started
Come on
The week is over
Sittin' 'round will get you nowhere
Don't get it twisted
You got to start the night off right
Just got my ends, yeah
Sported my new threads, yeah
Y'all know I'm lookin' pimpin'
I'm ready to ball
Start up the band, yeah
Ballin' with my friends, yeah
Gon' take the wheel
Cause I'm already sayin'

[Chorus: Chiko Dateh]
I'm feelin' faded
And I'm feelin' X-rated
Who wants to chill with me tonight
We rollin' on dubs
With Southern Comfort fitted up
We mix it up with Khool-Aid
Cause this is how we roll

[Verse 2:]
Now it's twelve o'clock
Your bitch headin' at the club
But Southern Comfort's creepin' up
You know it's on
We surrounded by five ladies
Who know how to work it, baby
Everybody got it goin' on
With the bumpin' and a grindin'
Indy cruisin' down on Sunset
In the Navy limo
Go over, drinks on me, a round of
Adios, mother[{*fucker*}]
Yellin' at them hoodrats out the window (Hey yo, what's up girl?)
Hey yo, Hypes, stay on the wheel
Cause I'm hangin' out the roofs saying


[Bad Boy:]
Hey Chiko, look at that girl right there
[Chiko Dateh:] What you think, Bad Boy?
[Bad Boy:] Let's pick her up, home
[Chiko Dateh:] I ain't ready to go home yet
[Bad Boy:] Watch the game

[Rap Verse: Bad Boy {Chiko Dateh in background}]
Well, what's up ma, would you just jump on in
We'll ride til the sun sets in
With my nigga
Chiko (That's right)
Ridin' in a limo
Mama wanna drink, so (Uh)
Well, come on, girl
Go and grab your cup
Before I get to wrap you up
You wanna take a bath or what
But stop, I'm prepared for ya
And let a nigga slap a butt (I'm tempted)
I know you see the limo's rented
With everything I said, I meant it
The twilla gon' be highly scented
And hope you see my bad intentions
Keep me if you love the tension (Now listen)
And observe the lesson
My game is like a box of presents
My life is not my first impression
My look is what has got you pressin'
That's why I [? ] out my senses {This is how we... }

[Bridge: Chiko Dateh]
We gon' keep this rollin'
Til six in the mornin'
We ain't playin', this ain't no game
Just ask my dawgs
You can holla at Hypes
You can holla at Dubb
Holla at Fingazz
Yugiciaz got it goin'
On all up at NYC
Give love to Clover City
Girl next door, she lookin' pretty
N-Y-A, Y, the A, M-A-R
Nikki and Khool-Aid

[Chorus x2]