Letra de Rounds
D-Moe, go get the pounds
Tadoe, go get the rounds
Aye bitch, it's going down
Lot of bullets going round, and round, and round
I'm off a flat I feel tall, and strong
That bitch gon' go click-clack boom
It's an elephant in the fucking room
Make some room, 'fore you make the tomb
Bitch I'm off a Xanax, a damn flat, and damn thrax
Come through your block shooting at your damn head like gratata, duh luh duh
Then pull off like skrr skrr skrr skrr skrr
Then I blow the smoke up off my Ruger too
Remember when I didn't even know a pussy was, now
I'ma pornstar, fuck your thot, she going hard
And she's a freak, bitch
You know me, bitch
Im from across the street, bitch
With that heat, bitch
Ready to catch a oppa, aye
Shoot him in his toppa, aye
He gon' need a doctor
And a helicopter, aye
Just bought a gun, it go grrata
Put thirty in my Glocka, aye
A hundred in my choppa, aye
I name my choppa Flocka
And I can't eat no lobster, I eat steak
Pull up on you then pulled off, andale
Coming down the pole like Lil B mob
Smoking so much dope, it damn near hurt my heart
Shooting at that damn chain, yo damn brain
Because you thought that I was a damn lame
Named that baby Mac Kim K, like Kanye
And he hit a homerun like Sammy, I'm Sosa
And I got my toaster
And I will blow it at your head and your shoulder, over, O-V-A
My gun Dominican like Noriega (aye)
Walk in the damn spot and I don't see paper
I'll be like "ha, see you later (alligator)"
I'm climbing trees and running up, escalator
I'm off this dope, feel like an elevator
Elevating to the hundredth floor
I need to get a hundred mo' mill, just to chill
Put my feet up, smoke reefer loud, with my nina
And Tadoe, with my bankroll
And ManeMane4CG
You know me from the old Chief Keef
I was out there, it was war a piece
Walk in every block, know it's me
With my pistol, ready to get you
Smoke your pussy ass like a Swisher, lil nigga
(Front Street, man)