Letra de Can't Wait
Can't wait
Fuck nigga can't wait
Can't wait to catch his ass and shoot him in his face
I can't wait, I can't wait (grratarra)
I can't wait to get that check today
Spent the other one yesterday, I can't wait
I get too much damn gwap
I get another one tomorrow, and I can't wait
Bitch, look at my charm (charm)
She couldn't wait to see it in person (bling blig blow)
Cause she seen it on my IG (skrr skrr skrr)
Told that bitch "why you eye me? watch me, you spy me?"
Bitch what you on spot? (bitch)
Bitch you fucking with them guys? (fucking with them opps)
You be fucking with small fries (grratarra)
Bitch I'ma large fry (boom boom boom)
I'ma shark in the ocean (ocean)
Pop a flat, now I'm rolling and toting (gang gang, gang)
Catch a opp, I'ma blow his fucking face (bih buh buh)
Mexicans, blasting races, every race
Pull off and we racing (skrr skrr)
Seen the cops, now they chasing us (chasing us)
We don't give a fuck
Been doing this since Front Street 061
Ask Republican, he know (gang Front Street)
Ask Nino, he know (Front Street)
Ask Caper, he know (Front Street)
I'm from Front Street ready to blow, selling D
Ready for enemies (grratarra)
(Nigga, fuck M.O.B)
Fuck M.O.B, fuck June Bug bitch (boom)
Six Double O is what it was, what it is
I got all the kids (yo kids, Sosa)
Six kids, plus all you niggas (Almighty Sosa)
And these racks up in my jeans (fuck these hoes, Sosa)
I got uh, Glo Gang (gang gang)
Remember when I used to wear Aeropostale (gang gang)
Remember when I couldn't even afford Hollister
Now I'ma Rastafari with the choppa
Get up off my song, Tadoe
Fore I do you wrong, Tadoe (grratarra)
Hit you with this 4, Tadoe (boom boom boom)
You made me drop my blunt, Tadoe
Pick it up, Tadoe hoe
Get my mothafucking blunt up off the floor
Fore I snooze your fucking neck and blow your throat