Letra de Almoney
I got bond money, Sean John money
P.Diddy money, Sean Carter money
Jay-Z money, I got all the money
Gotta make all that money, gotta get all that money
I need all that money, bitch
What you call that money, bitch?
Balling, Spalding
Got some killas down up in New Orleans
Killas on the west, Chicago
Them my vatos
But they no lacking, bitch they off 'em
And they so goddamn awful, aye
Just bought a 4-O
I ain't buying no 4-O's no mo, I'm tired of those, aye
Buy some Mac's now, aye
Macs up at ya nose, fuck nigga
At yo door
Astronaut, I'm getting extra money, extra slow, extra far
To the top
Getting guap, with your thot
Know she know Almighty
Boy, you know she want Almighty
She'll be going for Almighty
Where you going with Almighty?
And I'm gloin'
I got my pistol and I'm blowing
Too many niggas, let it pass
Next time, I'm gon' get they ass
Fuck niggas got my chain
Slide through, blow a nigga brains
What? I ain't tripping mane
Why? 'Cause bitch, I'm getting cream
I said bond five out
Gave you the chain and said pawn that now
20 thousand cash, pay for that
Nigga that's your ass, play with that
Heard you tryna sign for a 10 band
What the fuck is going in man, on man
Going in man, going strong man
Smoking strong, 'bout to smoke a lung man
Money, what I'm on man
Catch you in traffic, Reese money up man
Smoking tha, tooka
My bitch she taking that hookah
All of you, all of me, all of we
She ain't choosing, just all of we
All of us, I got all the cars
Big ass house, all the stars