Letra de Rolls
Spent some rolls, on some clothes aye
Ask them rolls, on them hoes aye
Them bitches gon' go cause my rolls aye
Pistol with me, it'll go where my rolls at
Got a couple shawties, I ain't got no rolls aye
And I like lean, not no Rozay
She only wanna fuck me for my rolls aye
But I play that role like I ain't know that
Rolling up this thrax, this that thoink pack
Rolling off a flat, where my joint at?
Sipping on this Act, that's carol pack
You ain't sipping lean, and I know that
Rolling with my niggas and we on that
Roll up on your ass like where your rolls at?
I heard you roll with opps, where they post at?
I'll be rolling like an ATV with four flats
And it got a thirty, and I tote that
Fifty in my forty, I enroll that
Pull that bitch up and I control that
Give his ass the hiccups and I patrol that
Roll up on a nigga block, come back, call it a re-rock
Niggas at your front door, knock out, guns at your peep hole
I'm busy counting, money, the (?)
Roll up, catch a nigga lacking, he gon' need a hero
Roll up with my three rolls and my three poles with my ego
Rolling with all these glos, we got three piece and bought three O's
Smoking on all the dope, we roll the dope and roll these hoes
Tryna roll on the Glo, we take your diamonds on a bumpy road
Rolls in my bank, and my coat, and my draws
Hoes want my life, and my rolls, and my clothes
Niggas want my life, and my ice, them my foes
So I roll with the pipe cause I can't trust a soul
Bitch rolling we gonna be, I ain't had sleep in a week
Chasing that green, fucking things, fucking with the heat-t-t
Bitch, we nosebleed when we see
Rolls beneath my feet
Rolls in between my teeth
Rolls when I eat, I feast
Rolling up a blunt of Aiki
With my heat (?)
Pay Johnny Dang some rolls for rolls and diamonds in my Breitling
My mom was a rolling stone, bitch I ain't had a dad then
Grandma tryna raise 'em a rumor, rolling D got me indicted
I ain't had to say it like that
Rolling 'round with steel like that
Cause you see, tote fifty, and we spraying like that
Shouldn't be playing like that
Rolling 'round with your mans like that
No pistol in here like that
Rolled up on your ass like brrat!
Rolling, rolling, rolling
Bitch I'm toting, holding, blowing
Bitch I'm blowing for the moment
Nigga roll up then I'm on 'em
Cause I roll (?)
Roll with my thirties, not no damn Pythons
Police rolling down on me
Least I have my money
Rolling out my mind
Blowing like I'm blind
When I count rolls, bitch I'm deaf
Made me count rolls with my nine