Letra de Thirsty
Featuring Boss Top

[Intro: Chief Keef]
Then thought about it
Ain't got time for no dirty ass hoes
Cause cash rule
(Thirsty ass) You niggas mad though

[Intro: Boss Top]
Tryna get my money, yo thirsty ass
Tryna fit in my car, yo thirsty ass
Made me lose my mask, yo thirsty ass
Tryna hide my baby, yo thirsty ass

[Hook: Boss Top]
Tryna get my money, tryna take my fame
Tryna finesse me out my car like she knew my name
Tryna have my baby just cause a nigga handsome
And a nigga getting money while they ain't got nothing
Yo thirsty ass(16x)

[Verse 1: Boss Top]
She a thirsty bitch, gold digging ass
Tryna have a baby cause my famous ass
I'm getting money but I'll still would blast
Tryna finesses me and get a second chance
I don't love you hoes, it ain't no romance
Yo hurting ass, yo dirty ass (broke ass)
You thirsty ass, get yo baby daddy (broke ass)
With his working ass, I can sign his ass (I still can)
Ain't worth his ass, might rob this fag
I'm smoking gas sliding in a jag
Pants full of racks still toting mags
Got a lot of cash, they ain't holding back


[Chief Keef]
Thirst thirsty as fuck
I think she need some water
Cause I got so much guap
That bitch let me fuck
Wit her thirsty ass
She just wanna fuck me for a birkin bag
Nigga try to take my cash
That's when I'll have to hurt his ass
I put 4's up on my beamer
I should 30's his ass
Then I thought about it
I ain't got time for no thirsty ass ho
Cause cash rules
Everything and they think mad gold?
Got they sister pants on
Cause they think they flex on 'em
I swear I can't never trust no dirty ass ho