Letra de Ps (Pants Sag)
Ayy, yeah
Zaytoven, goddamn (Yur)
What you on though? (Yur)
Gettin' guap right? (Yur)
Thanks for the care package nigga (Yeah)
Dropped down in a nick of time (Huh, huh, huh)
Got them Perc's, we don't pop em' though (Huh, huh, huh)
Do this shit for real nigga (Gang)

[Verse 1]
I'ma let my pants sag, shawty
I'ma let my pants sag, shawty
She like "why you let your pants sag?"
This that F&N swag
Let my pants sag, I'ma let my pants sag
Let my pants sag, I'ma let my pants sag
Just another day, just another day
My kicks a thousand grams [?], pants cost me them bands dad
I weren't giving a damn, miss, pardon me, you startled me
My chains filled with currency, ice attack, emergency
Turn this bitch to a murder scene, hurry please, he burgundy
Shirt off, a lotta tax, I can smoke a hunnid racks
Got Chief Sosa [?], I switched that, quit smokin' that
Eighty racks in these fuckin' jeans make my pants sag
Chain swag, chain swang, wrist go Range fast
[?], cash in these dragon pants
F&N hangin' out my pocket give you bad skin
Red Porsche with fog lights and the [?]
Nigga run up on us, hang him upside down and shake his ass

I'ma let my pants sag, .40 make my pants sag
F&N make my pants sag, ratchet make my pants sag
I got so much jewelry on me, I get so much money, homie
I got so much jewelry on yet I think I need a clone
Pants sag, pants sag, I'ma let my pants sag
I got too much jewlery on me, got too many shots on me
Pants sag, pants sag, damn, I got a stupid swag
If you let them get it first, up your cock, shoot it back