I Thought I Had One Letra

Chief Keef

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Letra de I Thought I Had One
GBE, baby, GBE, baby
Sosa, baby (GBE, baby)

And these big ass earrings hurt my fucking ear (Yeah)
Bitch, how'd I fuck it up in here? (Yeah)
Bitch, who told your dumbass come in here? (Come in here, come)
Almost shot your ass up like a death (Like a death)
Shawty choosin', what she doin'?
I just pull out the whips, now she bruisin'
With a young boss bitch, air like I cook
Costin' like a coupe, it's not a Jaguar
'Cause I'm in the fast car, she's suck like vacuum
I'll get you're gang some, give you my last one
What you want? Another one? Was that a bad one? (Huh?)
Looking for a fuck to give, thought I had one
In the jungle I see seatbelt
Windin' up the motor, bitch, it sound like a eagle (Skrrt, skrrt)
Had that motherfucker go vroom, bitch, it's eagle (Skrrt, skrrt)
I had to tell her come down, bitch, you tweakin' (Skrrt, skrrt)
You know them pairs be salty like some seasonin' (Seasonin')
And I got a fucking F&N for every season (Season)
Pull up with that motherfucker, leave a bitch dreaming (Dreaming)
Host so big I see what he thinkin' (Thinkin')
With a redhead
Kept it real, said she only fuckin' dread head
Baby, I wanna fuck witcha, I'ma hit, hit (Ayy)
Set the Lambo' when that bitch on bare red
Shawty bring me flats 'cause she from out West (West)
I just got a Tommy for the house rats (Rat)
That ain't loud pack, that's lousy
Smokin dro see, got a feelin' drowsy
Got a Tommy for the Jerrys
It will turn yo' tooth blue, so don't be tryna pair with me
Ridin' like a player, bitch, I used to do it careless (Ayy)
Rest up the gang, blows up, Young airhead
You can see me up in traffic
Chief Sosa, bitch, I'm a young lucky bastard (Sosa, baby)
Pull up tornado, but I call her a disaster (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
I ain't tell 'em I was taking off, I did like NASA (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)

Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt
Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, ayy, ayy