Everydays Halloween Letra

Chief Keef

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Letra de Everydays Halloween
I'm smokin kush, I'm takin breaths
If a opp in my lane, I'm takin breaths
He ain't comin right, then we leave him left
Being a billionaire, bitch I see myself
I'm Chief Sosa, Chief Keef Sosa
Give me some lime green, and some pink soda
And a fucking pill, I'm in it for real
Tracks I kill, I eat em like meals
Say goodnight, to yo bitch
She got good brain, she focused
I'm hocus, cause I pocus
I'm 300 bitch you on some ho shit
I'm blowin', beezy blowin'
Mac blowin', bitch we all blowin'
"It's O-End, fuck yo end
Lil Moe land We totin'
We make shit very scary, something like the beat
You talkin alot of shit, don't you tire me
What up Santana? Fredo Santana
We got on bandanas, guns man handled
Aye Big Woo, let's hear this thang bitch
I'm insane bitch, I need brain bitch
Bang bang bitch, I gangbang bitch
Fuck a main bitch, don't got no main bitch
Ooo my guys just caught a nigga lackin'
We got 30 clips of them rachets
And we gonna let 'em have it
And bitch we all savage, 300 savage
Bullets flyin' like maggots, and bitch I'm bout my cabbage
Loud and that lean, make a stupid war a scene
300 the team, what the fuck do you mean?
All us pop beans, you lil niggas green beans
Like pretty and pink, everyday is Halloween