Hit The Bank Letra

Chief Keef

Nobody 2

Letra de Hit The Bank
Her ass fat, like Kim Stacks
DJ, run that shit back
New jewels, I cop that
New pistol, cock that
New watch, I cop that
And that top, I drop that
Pull up where that guap at
I took the game and locked that
Spending cash
Man that shit is pity patter, I get it back
Niggas petty, 18 shots, nigga out this 50 that
Got a hundred shots for niggas think they got 9 lives like kitty cats
With my Chicago Bears, let us catch a opp he getting sacked

I ride X6, ain't no Range Rover
This GTA bitch, not no Saint Rows
Pull up to the crib and I change clothes
Just to go and hit the bank, hoe