Letra de Belieber
Shawty said she was a dreamer
I turned they asses to a believer
My other bitch like Justin Bieber
I guess that bitch a belieber

I still remember my hoes
I bet they still remember micro
I wave a bitch off micros
You only woke up and like blow
All these bitches chasing after D
Tell these bitches, chase after cheese
I forgot I'm the fucking cheese
I ride alot around, spending Gs
Who raised me, my momma granny
No actor but I need a grammy
Taxing niggas on Sammy
Girl you know I'm Sosa Sammy
I don't be off the molly, I just be off alot of weed
Pull up, crash the party
Shots at everybody
Can't be chasing these hoes, gotta be chasing these rolls
I was dreaming until I woke
I ain't a dreamchaser, bitch I just glo
Sosa you be flexing, I know
Sosa you keep weapons, I know
I ain't got a yacht, I got a boat
And that bitch is as big as my home
I was locked up, Divison 4
Repping my set til niggas home
I remember back in '94 wait I was born in '95 tho
Remember trapping just to get a coat
'member trapping just to get some clothes
Now I buy anything I want, anything I want and any more
I ain't never been to Mexico but I'm smoking Texico
Remember pilling out in 4 4s
Now I get 94 for a show
Jewelry and commas for a show
I through it in the water and let it float
It's icy like the fucking North Pole
I don't need no stops in my wadrobe
Lady I got the fucking pack and I got the fucking sack
Its alot of snakes in the grass
Watch out, they'll bite you in yo back