Letra de X
My chopper hit the folks
Like he came with Meechie
My chopper stomp a bitch
I think he came with Reese
Pull up on your bitch like she begging
Think she's pleased to meet me
This FN watch it skip, scratch it like a CD
For my ex bitch, for my old partners
Finger fuck my new choppers
Slice you like a cucumber
X you out
Circle you in
I'm a triangle
Boy yous a square
This pistol hit a nigga, like he hit him first
Fill out this Glock job application, he gonna give you work
Boy you like an ant, bite me, how could it hurt?
You see I fell up in a Glo hole, its dripping' off my shirt
Go ahead stand up, its a man down
Steve Austin hit a nigga with a smackdown
Chopper sing like its signed to the Mo Town
Think he hot come threw its a fend down
Before I pop, better bring the rubber bands out
Cut off your wrist, fuck a hand out
On the roof throwing thousand dollar clothes down
You ain't getting money nigga sit down
Little girl there's an elephant in the house
3 blunts, half an ounce
Got some P's and I'm passing them out
Run off, [?] mouth, no shout
Say you want back your bitch? Well, imma be done in an hour
Fuck her in my nice ass shower, you can be calling for hours
Come through blowing like a whistle, I forget you
I won't even remember that shit
Pull up on a fuck nigga, whats up nigga?
He said he ain't with none of that shit
Riding round with the pipes, and a couple bowls of loud
I can go to jail for that shit
But cops can't knock me down, get right out make bail for that shit
Niggas think that its sweet, Valentines Day AR-14 come say he love you
I was talking bout the money, told your bitch not now I'm riding round with my boo
Hey boy I dare you nothing, get mixed in a bowl with the fruits
This blender hit ya ass, he gon turn into Juicy Fruit
Why I always hop in my car, Sosa where you going? I'm going far
Blowing shit up like a bomb
9/11 folks nem not a fire
All this ice on my arm
I think i need to go and get shots
Put circles all up on your shirt
I think we need to go and get a box