Stuntin' Like My Mama Letra

Chief Keef

Finally Rollin' 2

Letra de Stuntin' Like My Mama
Condo on fire (what they doin)
Ain't nun (what they doin)
Hatin on us
Gettin money
Riding in the lamb chief Sosa the boss

I be stunting like my mama, riding real foreign
They be like do you know Chief Otto, yeah he get it on
Big ass choppa, he be gettin borin
Call desperado, he gone come and join
I'm a south side , nothing 60's ass nigga
I can buy you and have you taking out the trash nigga
Like ding dong bitch my name be ringing bells nigga
Click Clack size you up measurement we scale niggas
Money machine go beep like a smoke alarm
Bitch this ain't Luther King march ain't no holding arms
I'm the type of nigga that smoke in the race when I was told to run
Give your ass a head start I'll catch up you far
You wanna see this shit in 3D how I'm stuntin'
A whole lot of bands my conjunction function
I don't need 2 cups I just need 1
Pull up on you like the end of the song, boy you about to be done
I'm a money getter your bitch is a pussy popper
She's like an old movie that I didn't have time to watch
Act like you wanna box, get put in a box
Puts some wings on that bitch and send that bitch very far
Nigga yous a Dory, yous a Nemo
Look in the Chiraq dictionary if you don't know my lingo
All I know is fffddd beep when the millions call my number bingo
I got enough shots to shoot a Quentin Tarantino
I'm stunting like my granddaddy nothing like my papa
She says that she's a Libra, she ain't nothing like my mama
Vote Chief So for president, he ain't nothing like Obama
He raising welfare and he giving out money
I'm stunting with the cash, old bitches mad
Gucci on my back, Louis on my ass
You stunting like your dad? Shit I ain't have one
You say that you want some glo then nigga come and buy one
Take this money test and ace it, nigga that's the basics
That's just like asking Neo the damn infomatrix
I'm the hero to the cash ain't gotta cape it
When you getting money you ain't gotta take it
Fonem strip yo ass now run the streets naked bitch
Serve ya up, what you want to eat for breakfast bitch
Sell it upside down, I was just checking
Cut the hair off his bitch head and mail it to his residence
I was stunting like my watch, stunting like my jewelry
Stunting like my coat, stunting like my shoes
I'm a stunt double, Ghost Rider
Wrap a nigga how you wrap a bow tie
How I do this shit? Off the top of the head
You'd think I'm balancing something on top of my head
Could do tricks, call em Globetrotters
Drive my own shit, don't need no co-pilot