Letra de Law & Order
Get in the car, hittin' the dope, gettin' the coat, aye, lil nigga, hit the floor
I'm smokin' dope, movin' slow, or movin' fast, man I don't really know
Got a hard head, gettin' the Glock, 30 shots, lumberjacks, split it open
Get your thot, she is got, she will not nonstop feelin' on me
Ridin' 'round us, It's goin' down, it's goin' up, these fuck niggas know what's up
It's goin' 'round it's goin' out, it's goin' in, goin' in to finish up
The bands is up, money's up, bitch is up, nigga put your feelings up
This dealer will hit ya up, up and down, cylinder
Bitch came in my mansion, she trippin', she in my pantry
I see why she got cavities, she say she want some candy
I got dozens of eggs, that's got dozens of yolk, you hear me
Come through like it's Halloween, sendin' eggs all down your chimney
I thought it was Christmas, got your mistress wrapped up
You think that I'm kiddin'? round of applause, get clapped up
Like I want the roll soo bad, get on the spot and not act up
Sosa tsunami jump out on your block now it's cracked up
You's a candle, I'm a lamp
Where's the cane? I'm a pimp
Where's the space? I'm claustrophobic
Move out the lane cause I am bowlin'
Dribble dribble, I am ballin'
Shitty nigga, he's a staller
Doggystyle, she bendin' over
She let me fuck and I didn't even know her
Smokin' big ass blunts the size of my fist
Not runnin', but I have your keys
I'm drivin', better have your gas
I'm eatin' better, how your teeth?
80 inch TV fell on me, I think I got the devil on me
But I got the lord on me, fuck these niggas that's bloodin' on me
When you see me on your TV speek
Everytime they see Keef he eatin'
I treat the hood of my car, like a seat
I treat your hood and your block like the sea
You think that you's a shark, but you's a goldfish
Boy ya ass a parrot, get your nose hit
I'm somethin' like pull some water and a wall switch
You think I got halitosis how I talk shit
You would think I ain't got no car how I'm walkin'
This dog got me livin', I should bark it
Get yourself in order and I'm on my law shit
Ya get it? Law & Order investigatin' niggas that talk shit