Letra de Awesome
Yeah, awesome
Awesome, drowsy
Pulled up in the Coupe
Saw the cops, then I lost them, aye
You know I had to triple cross them (aye)
Bitch I'm bossy, look at me I'm flossin' (worth a lot aye)
Step up in my office, sign up for yo' conference
Ready steady talking, we gon' pull up sparking (pow, pow pow)
You parched? hit the gas it sound like the car farted
I might be in Miami in a 'Rari
I changed up my email bitch don't call me (bitch)
She like "chief so' I love you just don't dump me" (what)
Bitch the only thing I love is going to Barneys
Having all these pipes like I'ma plumber (duh duh duh)
I know lil' folks came out to swung it (pow pow, pow pow)
Take my shoes off I told her rub my bunions (bitch)
She hypnotized with my neck, down to my arms (bling, bling)
Watch where you go, you better make the right turns (yeah, aye)
She wanna threeway, bitch long as y'all take turns (ya dig?)
Zoomin' in a fast car like a racer (aye)
Finna go and get in Diana like a pacer (yeah)
It's sixsome got the motor running (motor running)
The moncler on, like it's cold or sum' (cold or sum)
Sipping turtle juice like I'm slow or sum' (slow or sum')
Bitch jump in my crib, told them mop the floor or sum'
I got choppa shell, in a hand gun (duh duh duh)
Hit up three niggas, call that and-1 (and-1)
Smoking that citgo, smoking that marathon (marathon)
And this shit's too strong, feel like a barbarian (barbarian)
In matrix, Shawn Marion
I was runnin' bands while hoes was wearing dereon (bitch, bitch)
Niggas wanna dare me on
I be needing someone to up my .30 on (up my .30 on)
Bad bitch, you used to be dirty huh? (used to be dirty huh?)
Back on the block there ain’t no bitch can curve me (huh?)
(pew, pew, pew, pew)
You guessed it, dope, blunts for breakfast (yeah)
Ready for your block I'm Tetris (yeah)
I got a designer fetish (yeah)
I'm running up the lettuce
On my burger I don't want no lettuce (yeah)
Oh you mad, you that pissed? (yeah)
That's how I be when hoes be catfishing (yeah)
Baby this a Gucci polo
These bitches like my mojo
Bitch I'm bad like Mojo jojo (yeah)
Shawty say she snort coke
Okay lil' baby, go go (yeah)
You do too much girl, oh no (yeah)
You think you a smoker
Thought you smoke dro
I get cheese like o-ke-doke