Letra de Bad
Bitch, O'Block, bitch
Smoking out yo dead homies
Thirty boppers for a opper (Bitch)
Fifty round or a hundred, you know how we coming
Big guns, they long body
Smoking out the 448 (Let's get it)
All we do is get money (Catch up!)
All we know is octane (Catch up!)
All we know is rock shows (Sosa baby)
All we know is run them bands up (Let's get it)
Green guacamole, check out my new Rollie

I'ma bad motherfucker, swish, I'ma splash brother
Ice on me, colder than Chiraq weather
I'ma bad mamba jamba, and I keep a hammer
Wanna see a nigga dead, wanna see me in the slammer
I'm so badass, fool, I can buy a school
Shawty send me nudes, I ain't wearing Trues
I'ma bad motherfucker
Crash, motherfucker

Cracking cards, you look fraud
The ink in this choppa still pass pipes
I’m pulling all nighters, I’m not tired
You can see me from afar
Grab pound of smokes then I roll it up
Take your block then I blow it up
Got in her back and I tore it up
Sadobi like vroom, how I'm glo'ng up
My wrist like water
Now I got more money than my father