Letra de Kool-aid
Shooting at you, you, and, you an
I got a hundred for, you, you, and you an
I got a .50 for him and his crew
Nike bitch I come through do it
I'm doin' what you never knew
Pull up foreign now I'm riding stupid
I pulled up sliding stupid
Shawty low man my diamonds foolish
Ain't got a jet, aye I'm riding stupid
I'm just freestyling to it
I just get to it wilding through it
I ain't going through I'm wilding through it
I'm spending cash like it's nothing to it
You can hear my chain's music
Aye I meant you can hear my chains up in the music
I come up and I'm banging stupid
I come up and I'm slanging cupid to all the hoes
But I don't believe in cupid ( I don't believe in love)
I think that shit is so stupid
I came through and I'm fucking tripping
The hoes like so what you doing?
Say I'm wilding man I'm living life
I don't think twice when I'm finna buy
I don't think twice when I'm finna fuck
I mean she don't think twice when she finna suck
I came through busting like Dillinger
Fuck nigga get your feelings hurt
He wanna cry that nigga jealous
I'm rocking Margielas
I'm a no belt rocking
Pull up show stopping
Nigga you know how I'm rocking
I'm shining like my Johnny
Bitch put some funky
Told her bitch my weed funky
I don't wanna fuck you dummy
You a dirty bitch you a junkie
Came through smoking funky, stinky
And I got my thingy and blingy
I shoot your fucking scalp
I’m rapping like I’m off a fuckin flat
Doors flapping come through Charles Malcolm
Tell my maid wash my clothes
I told my maid watch my hoes
These hoes might steal something
I don't want to hit 'em with the steel
My bitch got a steel [?]
When she [?] she think she got some steel toes