Morgan Tracy Letra

Chief Keef

Bang Pt. 2

Letra de Morgan Tracy
She’s shakin’ ass, but that shit, it don’t amaze me
I’m off the… this shit got me feelin’ lazy (I’m leanin’)
I was born in the 90s, fuck the haters (I’m a 90s child)
‘Cause I’ve got lots of guap, all these niggas hate me
Bitch, shouts out to mama, she the one that made me
Bitch, shouts out to gradmama, she the one who raised me
Them people made a star and it’s Sosa, baby (Almighty)
I spend lots of guap, thinkin’ Morgan Tracy

[Verse 1]
I’m smokin’ on this dope, this shit it got me high as fuck (that dope)
Disrespect the Glo, you know we’ve got to light you up
And all you hear is ambulances and them fire trucks
Dirty shopping cart, screwin’ shit like Wrangler
Coolin’ with the stars, I ain’t talkin’ famous
I’mma break down this cigar, puff, puff, no passin’
They say I’m gettin’ fat, bitch, that’s what them bands did
They ain’t see me, they see my car, and they say I’m handsome
I’ve got too much guap fallin’ out my pants
These bitches in my hair, I’m too rich for some dandruff
I don’t do the dash, bitch, I do the damn drift
These boys don’t want no smoke, they don’t want no cancer
Get ‘em by the loads when I get them bands up
No, I ain’t no brick, but I’m money dancin’
I like dirty Sprites and dirty Fantas
Get showered… Lamar, I ain’t talkin’ Kendrick