Letra de Hoez N Oz
Hoes and Oz
How you ain't know
Hoes and Oz (20x)

[Verse 1]
Hoes and Oz
Bitch how don't you know
It's in the air this L-O-U-D
I don't like sober
I'm off the lean I'm falling over
I fucked his bitch, she like to smoke
You dumb bitch, you gotta go
He spilled his act 'pon my shoes
These ain't no jordans, bitch these balenciaga

[Hook] (2x)
Oh no (4x)
No more hoes and oz (4x)

[Verse 2]
Smoking out this pound nigga I don't smoke skimpies
Ride pass me, niggas mad cause my truck cost a Lamboghini
I got all this money on me all them hoes get to see me
Getting top by a wanna be Lady Gaga but she got an ass like Nicki
All day won't you come see me
She like do I gotta bring my weed with me
I'm like hell nah bitch you know I be chiefing keef
She like haha you mean to me
Bitch I'm Chief Sosa Houdini
Smoking on this green D
This bitch thought she was independent
Tryna bring her own weed but it smell like