Letra de Hard Way
Smoking dope gotta find out the hard way
Don't make us make you find out the hard way
Bitch we do it the smart way
Bitch I'm oblock and i do it the squad way
Bitch its the hard way or the squad way
And bitch we love the hard way
Don't make us start spray in broad day
Leave a opp brains in they hallways

[Verse 1]
I put 30 seconds on my beat
I be so high so damn high that u can't see
I be chiefin keef and these bitches love chief keef cuz he keep a couples gs
Got lvs and double gs
My lv's dont wanna leave
Double gs a couple gs
Nigga must be drinking lean if he think he can fuck with me
I sting like a bumble bee
Man this shit ain't nothing to me
I fuck lotta hoes man a bitch ain’t nuthin to me