Letra de Bank Closed
I got two chains on, I got two thangs on me
Shawty gave me head like she got two brains on her
Can't wear these trues no more, bitch I got food stains on 'em
This nigga say he don't like me, this bitch got who ringtone
I got play-do, I don't play though
And I just smoked earth boy, not no mango
And right now, I like beamer trucks not no Range Rove
On my way to pick up 50 thousand but the bank closed

[Verse 1]
What you say ho, I got a K though
Shoot a nigga dead then go smoke my brains out
I don’t wife no bitch, I ain't got no main ho
Ion't fuck with niggas, I see haters main hoes
Get franklins hey ho, checkout my bank roll
I ain't answer my facetime, so this bitch try to tango
And I know I'm a rapper, I still got them thangs though
Spilled a drink on me, I slapped her cause I had to change clothes
Then the cops coming
Had to smoke a nigga cause he a lame, I'm not one
What you think I bought this double trigger, I'mma spark something
Tadoe off that molly, tyrna pop something
Try to take my jewelry you'll get shot up