Letra de Ape Shit
[Verse 1]
Remember sellin' blows out my grandma house
Now I got enough money, get grandma a house
Try to rob me I'mma pull that nina out
It's extended so the clip stickin' out
You lil Mickey Mouse, don't be snitchin' now
Cuz I'll send my hittas to come chase ya down
Nina tote a dildo and she'll dick it down
He say he with the clout, put him in the clouds
I'm thirsty, trigger finger itchin' now
Let me catch a nigga then it's nigga down
I was toting 50 now I'm pimpin' now
I need to buy some missiles now

And go ape shit, go ape shit
Don't make us put them guns in rotation
Nina let me down then oh baby
We pullin' out them choppers like the Haitians
Like the 80's, I'm goin' crazy
All this gwuap all these foreigns, baby
Lotta shots in all these guns baby
I know you wanna have my son, baby