Letra de Riffcraft
"I have no fears now for I am already dead.
I try to love you, baby, but you'd never understand..."

A great war broke out in the homeland
The weak and the poor spilt blood for the rich man
And once more there was a terrible trumpet
Calling our souls for their maker to eat them
Ooh! We were born to suffer
And we were born to kill
And once more there's a terrible trumpet
Calling us...

Behold the art of murder
Before the devil's eyes
Beware your soul-retriever
Will come in disguise

Before I was a killing machine,
Now I can't tame the beast
With every loved one I have slain
I feel closer to release
We are the lost ones
Born after the fire
But, I hear a voice from the other side
It says: "The flames are out, but now we know...
Smoke still leads us home"