Letra de Your Own Life
Verse 1

Walkin’ down the halls in your Tommy Hilfiger
And your pants hung below your ass
Major Damage, FUBU and Exhaust, ain’t it a blast
Tryin’ to be all that
Dolce and Cabana, Polo Sport and Calvin Klein
Get your ass out of the way those eight hundred dollar
Pair of jeans are mine


Why do you have to succumb to what everybody
Thinks is cool
You don’t have to be the most popular boy or girl
In your school
Why do you have to try and impress
Everybody else
You know you lived their life
Now you’ve gotta live it for yourself
Live life for yourself


You got your Nirvana patch on your back-pack
And you’re feeling fine
Your Marilyn Manson t-shirt and your Courtney Love make-up
Is so ugly is should be a crime
Your claim to fame is your forty inch chain
And your scruffy dirty blond mane
Ain’t it a shame that no-one knows your name
Like your idol Kurt Cobain


Verse 3

You make fun of the guy who wears the clothes
That were popular back in ‘73
Instead of the Gap he shops at the thrift store
Known as the Salvation Army
He can take their teasing yeah, takes it all in stride
At least he knows when he dies he won’t be remembered
As the band wagon trendy guy