Letra de TV Song
Verse 1

Why can’t tings be easy like they are on TV
Hanging out with Greg and Marsha Brady
And later on Jerry there’s the Ku Klux Klan
There’s trouble in the Tanner household tonight
Cause DJ and Danny had a big fight
Don’t worry it’ll all work out cause
There’s only ten min. left
To go in the show


Why can’t things be easy like they are on TV
Hanging out with Scooby and Three’s Company

Verse 2

You wake up and you wanna start your day off right
So you watch the sports highlights from last night
Well what a surprise your favorite team, well they lost again
You can screw Canada AM
Give me the trashy talk shows my friend
Cause Sally Jessy Raphael, Jenny Jones and Ricki Lake
Are my best friends and I said


Verse 3

You’re done your homework but you’re not ready for bed
So you decide to watch some TV instead
The only problem is what will you watch
Friends makes you laugh, ER makes you cry
And you wish that James Van Der Beek would die
So you could get to date the beautiful Katie Holmes
And I said

Chorus (2x)