Tell Me Your Name Letra

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Letra de Tell Me Your Name
Verse 1
Why do you look in the phone book
For your love
Why don't you come down to the street and talk to me, yeah
I won't talk to you mean, I won't talk to you rough
I won't ask if you're walking around in the buff
And I won't charge you $2.99 a min
For my love

I said hey you won't you tell me your name (4x)

Verse 2
After three weeks of throwing rocks
At your window
You finally agreed to go out with me
So we stay and stared at the moon
And you asked if I had anything better to do
When I said no you said come to my place


Verse 3
When I got through the door
She pushed me down to the floor
She said after tonight you won't be a little boy no more
Well out came the whips and out came the chains
And I only wanted to know your name, shut up she said
Or I'll make you bleed, I'll make you bleed