Letra de Long Time
Verse 1
You said that we'd still talk
You said that we could still be friends
So what's the matter is your phone broken
How much longer are you gonna keep lyin
How much longer do I have to keep tryin
To get through to you

Pre-Chorus 1
And its not my fault that you liked my best friend
And you got fucked in the end
Hey that's just the way life goes sometimes
And I'm not going to apologise, for being happy now
Hey that's just the way life goes

I think I hate you, do you remember my name
I think I hate you

Verse 2
Now you're talkin to my friends
And you're telling them that I moved on too soon
Remember you broke up with me
I didn't dump you
And I don't know why I waste my time
Explaining this to you cause we're through
And so is my obligation to spell it out for you

Pre-Chorus 2
There was life before me, there'll be life after me
That's what you told me once and now I'm passing it on to you
What did you think that I was going to do sit in my room and cry forever over you
I don't think so sweetheart
I've got better things to do


Have fun living alone
It's gonna be a long time living alone
Have fun living alone


End Chorus
I know I hate you
Do you rememver my name
I know I hate you