Lay It On The Line Letra

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Letra de Lay It On The Line

I won’t lay it on the line for you
I won’t do it again

Verse 1

Did you think that you, had me confused
Did you think that I was gonna lay down and let it
Be abused
Sometime I forget, what I saw in you
And I knew ill never forgive you for breaking my


Did I forget to mention, that I have my apprehension
Did I forget to mention that you will never break my


Verse 2

Did you think that I, would ever be so blind
Did you really think that it was gonna be so hard for me to find
A girl who would love me, a girl who would trust me
A girl who wouldn’t take everything for granted




And I cry almost every night, and you say it’s going to be alright
And you’re coming home on that midnight train.
Ill never say I love you again