Another Song About Girls Letra

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Letra de Another Song About Girls
Verse 1

I saw the girl in the front row
Asked if she had a man and she said no
I don’t believe in true love anymore
She was the finest girl I ever did see
And would she give the time of day to a man like me
Would she let me hold her hand?

Pre-Chorus 1

I know you have no reason to trust me
I know you’ve heard it all before
I don’t want you to fear love anymore
What would you do if I knocked on your door?
Asked you to dance out on the dance floor?
Would you just turn and walk away?


Or would you let me the one who eases the pain?
Would you let me be the one who shelters you from the rain?
Let be the one who helps you find love again

Verse 2

And every time she looks my way
I try and think of something to say
But my legs get weak, I open my mouth
I try and find the words but I just can’t speak
She’s all that beauty was meant to be
And everything around her I can’t see
It’s tunnel vision, all I can see is just her lookin’ at me

Pre-Chorus 2

Well not every man just wants to be your friend
And I know that you can love again
Would you open your heart just a little and let me in
Well I know that you must be afraid
I won’t rush, we’ll take it day by day
Until all of your fears fade away



Pre-Chorus 1 Repeats

Chorus (2x)

End Chorus

Would you let me be the one?
Would you let me be the one?
Would you let me be the one who helps you find love again?