Letra de Girl Trouble
Let me me tell you a bit about relationships
The pain and the hate - can can save it quick
Its a routine you see for hating chicks
And you seem to be a raging mix
I came and went from the stage and tricks
No more lies or amazing shit
Living on my own thats the way it is
Stay clear from the back breaking bitch
And some time you’ll drink and reminisce
And some time you’ll think hate this shit
And some times you’ll give into everything and then sit on the phone messaging

You’ll get this past soon
You’ll let this grass bloom
Forget the dark soon
You’ll see the sun soon

And when you look at the damage you done too
Looking back on the havoc you run through
By yourself apart from the love room[?]
You got past the girl that disgusts you
Look up you’ll be seeing the sun soon
No more pain coming to hunt you
You’ll be sweet, you’ll be having some fun too
And never again let it bring it above you

Just having a little girl trouble
Pressing chargers? I get that a lot

And there she goes with a brand new bloke
A guy with a place and a fancy boat
He doesn’t know she’ll have him choke
Choke up the money with the money and the house worth loads
He doesn’t know what she can do
What she’ll take and what she’ll prove
He doesn’t know just what he’ll lose
His fancy boat and his fancy shoes

She has that evil in her eyes
But An angel in disguise
She wins over all the guys
With her [?] and her pride

Mate, she’s a red hot devil
Braking your heart at a real top level
She doesn’t give a shit - she’s a real hot rebel
Taking your cash and [?]
And she’s a hatred taxer
A basic hassler
A raging battler
An amazing actor
And she’ll leave you dead
So you better run before she takes your cred - Run

Just having a little girl trouble
Pressing chargers? I get that a lot