Bourbon Flicks Letra

Cheap Sober

Sydneys Worst

Letra de Bourbon Flicks
Bourbon, bourbon on this drop that we’re serving
I’m so shocked that Im burping
Spilling grog on this person
Their off and they’re cursing
I’m off to the pisser
I’m the dirty motherfucker that will sleep with your sister
And how could I differ, while I’m smoking a spliffer
Half tanked on Jim Beam, yes I damage my liver
I’m a fatter track ringer[?]
Attacking a fat singer[?]
That packs her bags quicker with ya[?]
On a stack of bad liquor[?]
I rap quicker when I’m pinging it off a pill
When I’m ripping it to kill
When Im singing it to feel
Man I’m bringing it to grill[?]
Half ass MC’s on the plate ready to eat a meal
I’m slow though, my brains gone loco
No hope for a bloke that only goes to work for smoko
Fuck a bull buster
I wish I had a job as a fucking whore hustler