Something that I Need Letra

Cheap Girls

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Letra de Something that I Need
The words I say, they don't mean anything, and I don't want to hear it at all.
But someone's gotta do what the others, they will not do.
It looks like we rose just to fall.

You said you saw something when you saw me standing on east side steps.
Looking for something to make more of nothing like before is coming round again.
Some say I look shook up or just abandon.
Hey will you just make the call?

To a couple blocks away where we both know that all the right ones stay.
They've got something that I need but they aren't the sharing type.
And you know I take it all too seriously when you sit right back, start fucking with me.

We both got something to say for the sake of saying something.
I should just start writing down half of the things that you say because these last few weeks have been a complete and total blur.

What's the chance of me getting wrapped up and carried out to sea?
I've got a motive if you've got an answer.
I'm sorry, I just had to call.