Letra de Modern Faces
There aint much to do around here
Unless your a cop or the opposite
God damn the modern faces
Yeah they cancel plans before they make them
And it's like a magic trick
The way we can stop for a while with indifference
We see videos that we know we should
But we just keep lighting up and blacking out
While they say "It's gonna get too warm in here"

And you got a well stocked dresser
Topped with ?
And stop people we choose and that's all
The last fourteen seasons past
We got modern faces and last years bands
And that is why I don't think I am the one who's gonna get you
Oh, I've said it to myself but never out loud
Yeah you're the one, burn this from me
Yeah you're the one, burn this from me
And I'm learning better to slip by things
And to let myself go but myself doesn't get it
I let something beautiful
Yeah, renew my faith in life and love etc
I'm still waking up in the strangest places
I can't seem to let go again