Kind of on Purpose Letra

Cheap Girls

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Letra de Kind of on Purpose
gravity, it doesn't like me
when you take those corners so quickly.
my head hits the glass, my body - the door.
i've been a little bit better,
i've been worse before.
'cause we've got friends on the outside.
i left some things in the carolinas.
i lost my keys, but then i found 'em.
and i lost you too, and that was kind of on purpose.
even when i'm right i can't be courteous to myself.
that's why i'm always starting over.
and i don't have the time it takes to put into words
what i can't make out for myself.
i just lie when I'm nervous and i'm always nervous.
and that's the story with me,
and i can't say that i could stop tomorrow.
i couldn't stop tomorrow.
and boredom and alcohol met and got along too well
and i should just stop speaking.
i'm out of luck and out of money, out of sympathy.
and that's the story with me.
let's not talk about me.
and now i'll say that i hope it's over.
'cause i'm not enjoying all the commotion.
and i'm taking notes from those with it together.
where did you go wrong? how did you make it right?
"well i met my match and let it hold me down
until i couldn't breathe."
oh, i can't even breathe.