Letra de Ft.lauderdale
I wanna be an actress.
Right now I'm a waitress living in Ft. Lauderdale
and I think, I think, I think I'm so creative.
And do you think you could be friends with a waitress?
I'm gonna be an actor.
Right now I'm just a valet driver on some busy street.
I'm always playing the part but never getting to the point.
I wish my schedule was filled up with all appointments.
I meant to say it all so differently.
I just think I'd look better on a bigger screen
with all of the people and all their advice
The probably highs say "you gotta have a guy,"
cause things don't look up on the Sunnyside
without a little assistance from a friend.
I found the answer and then I said, "I feel weightless"
One dimension isn't fine,
I need two because it takes a little more to get through to you.
And I ran into my former self - she looked so little not high at all.
She looks so good now that I got faithless.
There's no telling what I'll do in this state of mind,
with this point of view and I ran up all the tabs
with my close friends just to show them that I have become reckless