Letra de Kill Your Mood
At this point it's all just waiting.
"I was moving on before the paint had a chance to dry"
still giving in and off my mark and you still wanna wreck me.
You know I see it like a fight scene.
You're tearing me up like I'm paper.
I'll drink it out with the neighbors that keep me up at night when their stories are true.
It's safe to say we're going crazy to maintain but right now I'd say we're just drifting.
With every step I took I thought I heard the phone ringing.
I think we've come a long way just to stand here shaking.
And I met this new girl who swore she was gonna keep me faded
when all of these days lead to nothing but dependencies.
So let me kill your mood tonight.
I'm gonna kill your mood again tonight.
With every thought it comes out worse
I don't have a single one under a thousand words
and I'd say we're just drifting.