Letra de A Lesser Rate
Oh I can relate
to all of those things you said about life's little ugly things
but I never thought I'd have to.
I didn't wanna know
just what it'd feel like to lose focus on this frequency
and I'll drown in my dishonesty
and I'm laughing now, hysterically because I should be further than I am.
We're setting up to fall at a lesser rate.
And what can I say when I do the opposite of what's always been good for me?
I don't show it when I mean it.
And I'm all of those things which I won't own up to:
I show no common fucking decency and it's never made no sense to me.
I'm in a bathroom thinking horribly
because I should be further than I am.
And I spent all money to get to sleep
but when I die in dreams I don't wake up.