Letra de Chumps
(feat. Jeswon & Tuka - Thundamentals)

[Verse 1: Jewson]
So many chumps stepping up with these murderous raps
Yeah fuck that, man to me that's like the surface scratch
Worthless chaps, I guess that I'm circumspect
Cause young lads haven't figured out their purpose yet
Fake thugs take drugs, pop a percocet
Then straight up out my way while I work the set
I won't fade away til they learn respect
They say that knowledge is free - but I've incurred some debt
I owe about ten grand on the tertiary
And don't stress if the next man hasn't heard of me
Prone to rock a fresh jam, lift em verbally
With a verse that burns spots like the third degree
This word mercenary whose data's slaying at the rate of knots
Like DJ's on the fader bringing the flavour like an apricot
It's blazing hot, my syllables are melting your screw face
Got originals to bootleg so stash it in my suitcase
Yeah I blew up a new place, the future's repugnant
With humans replaced by computers that function
On no sleep, so sick of losing my lunchen
These fools in their suits are the root of destruction

[Chorus x2: Tuka & Jewson]
'Sup chump, why you speaking up?
It's all fun - we can see your bluff
How long do you think you can keep it up
Before the real recognise that you're weak as (fuck)

[Verse 2: Tuka]
Yeah we're bonafide, while these cats are boring as mannequins
Pre-packed prototypes of corporate shananigans
With their facts distorted, ya'll kiss the floor - I spit the pure
You only act important cause you're insecure
I bring a storm that'll linger on and on
The phenominon dropping bombs on your friggin pop songs
Yo I'm thinking what's wrong with the world - it's gone quite mad
We're buying sweat shop products with expensive price tags
Go melt the ice caps, hide in your ignorance
Dollar signs got your eyes blind and oblibious
Understand I'm not try'na rub it in
This is real, not wonderland - this world is suffering
Yo it's not buzzing, acting like you don't know
About Kyoto, man I'm going low coast stand
Go watch your smoke float and infect our horizons
While the globe chokes and the temperature rising
Channeling thoughts, ya'll can fill in the blanks
This is Tuk to the snatch and I'm building a case
I'd rather spit in your face than start kissing your feet
I'll leave it for the pecking, all the sweet chickens can feed

[Chorus x2]

[Chasm cutting it up on the decks then fade]