Letra de The Killer Is Me
When you speak, you might as well be spitting in my face
I wish you weren't so beautiful
Your eyes never cease to follow me
But I'm desperate and it's definite
That I'll give in to the power of my weaknesses
It's so obvious
This could be a gun pointed at me
Should I move or should I take this
When these angels leave
Please don't tell me that you love me
'Cause I know it won't be real
I wish I wasn't there
You're coming in between the flowers and the grave
You're coming in between him and me
But my arms are tired
You know there's only one escape girl, it's not you
All these soldiers with their whips
Oh my God I'm giving them the cue
You can bet that I'll throw it all away for her tonight
I'm oh so human and I am losing every second of this fight
Oh I almost forgot that I'm sorry
And I take back every word I said
You never learn
You seem to notice all these broken pieces