Letra de Ascension And Escape
I've been writing words that mean a bit of nothing
Just to sing it loud and cash in deeds for fame.
I won't put a finger out the door
Until I've spilled my guts on paper
And feel it so meaningful.
So sing with me if you know the words.
I've got a feeling I've used this phrase before
When it goes into the verse.
Then I throw hands over to the crowds,
Not a single word is moving,
But tonight I'm breaking ground.
I'm looking for an open door when it's over.
You know it's over.
I've gotta find a sign or a way to pull myself together
Before I walk up there tonight
Or I'll be sitting up so late with my face in
My hands and tears in my eyes screaming is it over.
I've been plotting this escape,
Not thinking of the consequences of my mistakes.
I just want to be found, then get lost in you!