Letra de Bring It Back
Have you noticed things about the scene?
Pop punk's nothing like it used to be
The fun's far in the past
They've all moved on, sold out, some didn't last
So who's the next to go in this dying pop punk scene?

Bring back the days of 182
Revive the old, forget the new
I know that's what I want to do
Don't want to move on with the rest
Become an emo? Become depressed?
Not a chance in hell!
I'm sticking with the best

Jump up and down nod your head!
Come on rejoin the party!
Let's all go back to the past
Where the songs were bright and happy
Put on your shorts, grab your deck
Join the punk rock skater army
Those are the days I won't forget

Fuck you industry
Did we need something new
When everything was more than perfect
Back in 2002