I Could Have Been a Contender Letra


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Letra de I Could Have Been a Contender
Count the times I kissed your bittersweet lips
And all the nights that I'd lay in bed, sleepless
When I can't rely on you anymore
And it's one more night on your killing floor
Just one more long deep breath
Into the ring, now, we step

Hear the sound, the Round One bell is ringing
Toe to toe we go, you come out swinging
And I can't recharge batteries anymore
And it hurts to lie on your canvas floor
Left-handed jabs I take
These worn out legs, they just ache

Let stay of execution pardon me
These heavy eyelids just want sleep
They just want sleep
They just want to sleep

The sun won't shine again
This ice we tread is getting thin (getting thin)
You're wearing too much makeup for disguise
These battle wounds we have don't lie

And now I'm convinced that this is over
And my eyes are misting, staring colder
Through cityscapes we make our way, unstable
I wish I could reach you but I'm not able