Ferris Wheel Letra

Chase Coy

Indiana Sun

Letra de Ferris Wheel
Our relationship is like a ride at a state fair (ride at a state fair)
Give it a few more weeks and it won't be there (won't be there)
Its meant to be taken down, its meant to be torn apart
And honestly we both knew that from the start (from the start)
But like a ride up high on a ferris wheel
It ain't wrong to feel like you can fly
Knowing that you'll come back down at the end of the ride

Our relationship is like a burning star I guess (burning star I guess)
When the time runs out there will be nothing left (nothing left)
Its meant to shead its light and its meant to someday die
And honestly we both knew that tonights the night (tonights the night)
Like a shooting star in a violet sky
It aint wrong to stop and smile
Even though you just witnessed its demise

(Thanks to Alicia for these lyrics)