Letra de Music Club
Hello and welcome back to music club,
Before the break we discussed how to apply compression to a snare drum,
Now I'll show you how to create the basic arrangement & outline
For what is known in the industry as a gardy riddem.

When producing drum and bass don't limit yourself to just one or two drums,
You can always add more into the equation,
Why not try adding a bit of, bongo

Hello and welcome back to music club,
This is er the roll out,
And now we go into the break down,
This is the moment in the song where it's important
To let the listener know that things have changed,
By now you should be thinking about
How were going to tear off the song
And build it up into a big crescendo.

So there you have it
The complete guide on how to write a massive club banger
So that's goodbye from me,
And goodbye from music club
See ya later gang.